Friday, January 30, 2009


Mia has developed quite the little personality!
Tell me this face doesn't just kill ya!

Jason took the boys to the big Legoland New Years Eve party, and I know the picture is bad- but Jase's face is seriously hilarious!  Is this child abuse?
The dog is very patient.
Remember the salsa post?   Apparently Mia's love extends to all spicy condiments... thai peanut sauce included!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Taking years off of my life...

Guess what?  Jarom got his driving permit today.  He drove me to the grocery store.

Christmas Eve...McDonald Style

We weren't sure how we would pull off all of our Christmas Eve traditions now that our numbers are small here in Cali, but thanks to our fun neighbors, the O'Learys,  we had a pretty awesome Nativity play.  We still made food for all 4o of our AZ clan (we missed you all terribly)... leftovers anyone?  


Hallelujah!  I've been trying to post forever and my pictures would never upload...SO, here's an interesting discovery we've made: Mia LOVES salsa.  I'm not just talking about dipping the occasional tortilla chip- I'm talking drinks the stuff like water.   Jason first let her try it at a restaurant.  She started sucking in air to cool off her tongue, then dove right back in for more.  Now every time we serve salsa with a meal, she starts eating it with a spoon, then picks up the bowl and chugs it.                    Hay Caramba!