Monday, October 25, 2010

Jack Johnson!

Had to document this fun bonding experience with 2 of my men! We had a blast at the Jack Johnson concert... Jarom has been counting the days to this event since his last concert tour 2 years ago! I must say he didn't disappoint, especially the surprise appearance he made before the show out on the grounds! The video is turned sideways, and the sound is terrible, but this was totally the highlight of the concert for all of us. I thought Jarom was going to die being that close to Jack. He's already planning their joint birthday party in May. He found out Zach Gill has the same b day too, so it will be quite a shindig! As a sidenote: am I shrinking?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lessons from the McDonald Dinner Table

We usually have fairly stimulating conversation each night as everyone regurgitates the experiences of the day. Last night was no exception. Jase excitedly informed us that he had learned that if you send a frog to a place where there were previously no frogs, the place would be crawling with them in no time. From there the questions ensued... Don't frog eggs need to be fertilized by a male frog? (We can always count on Jacob!) I could see the wheels turning in his brilliant little mind. Finally, he incredulously asked "so you're telling me that boy animals have to poop on eggs to get them to grow?" Then, "What? That's what fertilizer is... poop!" Wow... I'm thinking we should cut down on gardening and get that boy some books about the birds and the bees.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear MVT 20 Year Reunion Committee,
I am so sorry to say that I won't be attending your upcoming reunion festivities. You see, my husband has been insistent that I develop the perfect gluten-free pizza recipe so that he can make his millions marketing it to local establishments. Boy, have we eaten a lot of pizza! What does this have to do with my attendance, you ask? Well, I am no longer able to button my skinny jeans, and as we all know, this is the reason we attend these types of events, right? I am still certain that my children are the most adorable and gifted, and my husband the hottest of all the competitors, but that is meaningless if I don't look better now than I did in high school.

Regretfully yours,
Kara McDonald