Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks Ang!

My dear friend Angie caught me in a weak moment at a recent get together (I TRY to be a "no sugar mom").  We almost died laughing when Mia licked clean a discarded plate with a few smears of chocolate on it.  Check out the SUPER CUTE digital scrapbook pages she made.  If only I were so creative!


wendy said...

Such cute pages! I didn't know you did the no-sugar thing . . . we're on the opposite end of the spectrum there. I pretty much try and force feed as many sweets in as I can. (heh, heh, heh)
p.s. can't believe you're really moving! We need to talk more about November. . . :)

Angie P. said...

My, my! What talent your friend has! She must be a really cool person! Is her house for sale, perchance? I will tell all my friends they should go see it! I'm sure it must be super cute with her design sense... She seems like the type of person who would have a really great back yard- well worth the asking price. WHATEVER!!
I hate that you are leaving first...I feel dumped! Oh well, we'll always have Diana's Fabulous Nails and sushi ;)

Kara said...

Okay, maybe I should clarify: I am only no sugar as long as I have complete control of what goes into them, which as all moms know is only about one year:(. If anyone knows how to keep any child from being a sugar addict, I'm all ears!!