Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Shoes and Ridiculous Cuteness

Mia continues to amaze us with her darling personality!  She is the happiest, most loving baby!  She has learned that the camera means "ham it up" and Jason took these photos of her saying cheese! 

The other scary discovery is that she is quite the shoe lover.  We finally found that crocs will fit on her fat little feet, but the journey of trying on a million pairs of shoes was a total delight to Mia!  


wendy said...

Well - you got a one-percent girl then! (Yay shoes!) AND, you may not be the only Kara, but you ARE the only Kara-mia. I'll never step out on you. ;)

Jeremy and Anna Lisa said...

welcome to the world of girls!!!!scary, huh? Actually I thoroughly enjoy the shopping part, would love it even more with a bigger budget though. She's way too cute. what's up with the house situation??


wendy said...

New post! New post! New post!