Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday and Other Happenings!

The summer is winding down, so we are trying to have as much fun as possible!!  Here are a few pics to make you all jealous that you don't live in San Diego! ;)

Can you say "DRAMA QUEEN?"  So this is what girls are like...
Do you love the sad little tear?

Jase is pretty excited about conquering the rock!

Huge rope thingey at the new park by our house.  I climbed it in flip flops... aren't you impressed?

Mia's first pig tails.  Requires large amount of gel. 
Beach day with Dawne (Jason's sis) and fam!  SO fun to see them!!!
Jarom and Thor have the same DNA- it's spooky.
Happy 39th Mr. McDonald!  I have a feeling we'll be celebrating this one over and over!

I don't think he looks a day over 29 :)

Swinging is Mia's new fav!!  


Melanie said...

Do you hate me for not calling you? It was so hard to find the time between us and 5 other families. It gives me all the reason to come back soon. I LOVE California! Your little girl is so cute. Welcome to the land of girls. It only gets worse, but you love them. At least we know what our mom's went through. :)

Owens Family said...

oh mia is getting so big she is so cute jace i really getting tall glad your doing so goodlove to you go to my blog pot love angie

The Fago Family said...

I think the helium may be a problem in the latex... because the law states no gas lighter the air? BUT - what can you do! Hope to see you there! :)