Friday, September 26, 2008

Ode to a girl named Wendy

My dear Wendy is turning the big 36 tomorrow, and in honor of this momentous occasion (ya know, closer to 40 than 30), I committed to complete the "tag" she asked for oh... about 6 weeks ago.  So my friend, here goes!!!  Happy Birthday!!!

  • I am...  happy; a lover, not a fighter; clumsy (never without a bruise or two).
  • I think... life is full of surprises
  • I know... my testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel is my greatest treasure.
  • I want... my children and my husband to know how much I adore them, and to feel worthy of adoration.
  • I have... way more than I need, including (but not limited to) a big butt, and really small boobs 
  • I wish... the world didn't have so much ugliness and cruelty in it, and that my kids could be innocent and carefree for so much longer than they are.
  • I hate... anger. 
  • I miss... my piano, my tempurpedic mattress... pretty much the entire contents of my house.
  • I fear... not teaching my children everything they need to know to have happy and fulfilling lives.
  • I feel... way too young to have a high school student for a son; grateful to have such a wonderful life.
  • I hear... wii golf, Jack Johnson, barking dogs
  • I smell... do I?
  • I search... for the right answers to my children's questions, my phone, lost socks
  • I wonder... when He comes again...
  • I regret... not taking full advantage of my BYU experience
  • I love... my babies, my husband, Mia's birthmother, adoption, the temple, shopping for a girl, king crab legs with melted butter, see's candy... this could take all day!
  • I care... about what kind of life Mia's birthmother will have
  • I always... make a big breakfast, trip on corners
  • I am not... a crafter
  • I believe... there are no coincidences- everything happens for a reason
  • I dance... WAY less than my husband would like
  • I sing... WAY less than I should
  • I don't always... send birthday cards on time, keep myself organized, eat what I should
  • I write... silly poems, love notes, grocery lists, weekly menus
  • I win... when Jason and I play "dance dance revolution"
  • I lose... my mind, a little more each day 
  • I never... pick a fight.  I despise confrontation.
  • I listen... for quiet promptings
  • I can usually be found... in the kitchen- cooking, then cleaning, then cooking, then cleaning...
  • I'm scared of... heights
  • I read... only an occasional work of fiction, since it takes over my every thought until I can finish the book.  Why can't it be so with the scriptures?
  • I am happy about... everything!  
Let's see... who to tag...  I know!  If you read this and think it looks fun, consider yourself tagged!!!


wendybird said...

Yay!!! Thanks Kara! That was a wonderful Birthday present, and way less fattening than cake! :) You're the best!

Jeremy and Anna Lisa said...

Happy Late Birthday Wendy! I did think of you last week and then it slipped my mind to say it to you in time...hope you had a great day. 36 is a really rad age, huh?
I've thoroughly enjoyed this 36th yr of my life so far. Sorry, no tag composition from me, but this note counts for something.


Jeremy and Anna Lisa said...

Duh,I guess it would have been better if I posted my bday wish to Wendy's blog, but hope you get it, I'll post it now! Kara, sorry you're missing your comforts of home, hope things happen soon. Nice having the kids in school. Did you hear about Hurricane Ike here in Houston? The kids were out of school for a week and 1/2! It was like summer vacation again, but with no a/c, tv or food to eat from the fridge. It was a blast!


Shari Goodman said...

Kara, thanks for your comments. I can't believe you have a sophmore! I have a freshman so I am much younger. So much fun!

Jill said...

That was fun! I love getting to know you better. I had no idea you adopted your sweet baby! I was touched by your love for the birth mom.

Sarah Irvin said...

How fun to read! You have been my sister-in-law for almost 20 years and I feel like I've learned more about you through reading that, then anything else! We should all take turns doing that as a family.