Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Repeat after me... Halloween is fun!

HApPy HaLlOWeeN!!

Seriously, is this not the most beautiful child you have ever seen?  She looked even more adorable in person, but spent the entire night trying to tear her wings off.
Mia loved to trick or treat!  She is VERY independent, and we had to chase her from door to door!
Jase made an excellent Indie, don't you think?
Hobo Jacob!!  Good work!

With half of our earthly belongings still safe in their moving boxes, we knew it would be an interesting Halloween.  Luckily, we found the costume stash just in time, and me being the awesome mom that I am told the boys "If you want to dress up, you'll have to find your own costume in our old stuff!"  I think they did a pretty great job!  Jarom had a water polo game, and is too cool to dress up anyway.  Wish I had a picture of him in his "uniform"!  


wendybird said...

So cute! How fun to dress up a little fairy! Yes, I think Jarom needs a post with him in his swimming attire!
It was so good seeing you guys! (I'm calling you right now, btw)

Jeremy and Anna Lisa said...

So you are in your your own place now? details please! The fairy is so sweet...it's hilarious how even the little ones catch on to Halloween so quickly! Fun to hear how you're all doing.