Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am hideously guilt ridden about not posting for so long!!  So many momentous events the last 2 months...  Just so you don't think we dropped off the face of the earth, I'll give you a little breakdown of what's coming if I ever get time to breathe!
Awesome event #1: Jacob turned 12, was ordained a deacon, passed the sacrament for the 1st time, and went on a thrilling camp out with his new scoutmaster (his dad)!

Awesome event #2: Jase turned 7, and took us all to Disneyland for his big day!

Also a few not so awesome events, like our day today in the emergency room at children's with Jase.  Oh well, into each life a little rain must fall...


granny said...

What happened necessitating a trip to the ER? Sorry about that. Thanks for catching us up. Say hi to all your fam.

Kara said...

Hi Claudia!! He passed out yesterday morning, and they couldn't figure out why. It was very scary to say the least!