Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hey, this is fun!

After running out of room on Mia's babysite, and wasting countless hours looking at other people's cool blogs, I decided to try it.  With my severe lack of talent in the scrapbooking department, I thought maybe this would be a small way to document the goings on of our crazy family.  I must admit, after viewing the artistic blog masterpieces out there, I feel a little nervous about letting everyone see that I take all my pictures with a camera that my son got for Christmas when he was 9.  Well... here we go!

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Angie P. said...

Realy, Kara, you can buy a new camera... BUT, I'm glad you're blogging! It seems a little trendy but once I, too ,resigned myself to doing it, I'm happy I did. That's a lot of commas and I don't think they are in the right spots...GOOD LUCK and we'll be reading!