Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Look Out! He's 15!!!

I know this must come as a great shock to most readers, (especially since many people mistake Jason and I for 15 year olds) but Jarom is officially 15.  Some things about this that terrify me are: he will be behind the wheel in 7 months, he will be behind the wheel in 7 months and he will be behind the wheel in 7 months.  I think that about sums it up.  Truthfully, he is the most wonderful teenage boy ever!  His one wish for his birthday was a new guitar; specifically an epiphone hummingbird guitar.  Since he is such a good boy, we had to make his dreams come true.  


brock said...

I was just reading up on how someone of the age of 15 and 7 months is eligible for a motorcycle permit. That means you can drive a motorcycle alone! If Jarom needs a ride to the DMV to get his permit, I would be more than willing to help out.

Kara said...

Funny guy, Brock. Why don't you ever call me?