Monday, December 15, 2008

Thanksgiving in St. George

We LOVE Nethercott Reunions!!  We had a total blast in St. George seeing all of our crazy family!  We had 50 people sitting down for dinner in Jason's brave sister Angie's house.  I think I saw Jarom and Jacob twice the whole time we were there.  C0usins are the best!

Our fam with the sweetest Papa ever!  (along with Nana in the background doing dishes :))
Jason and some of his sibs!
Huge shout outs to Angie for saving me from my roots, and putting up with us bunking at her house.  Also to Cinda for letting half of my brood hide out at her already insanely packed house for the entire trip.  Nethercotts ROCK!

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wendybird said...

FIFTY PEOPLE!? Now that's a lot of turkey.