Saturday, May 9, 2009

Princess Mia Turns 2!!!

The signs have been there for a few months, but now it's official:  Mia is two!!

What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than to head for Disneyland!

Grandpa Andrews sent her some fancy dress ups, and she decided that this was the perfect opportunity to show off her Tinkerbell costume!

Wherever she went people kept stopping to tell her how adorable she was!

The first characters she encountered were Chip and Dale.  Unfortunately we had video camera issues, so we couldn't capture her jumping up and down and shrieking with delight when she saw them!
She REALLY wanted to share her granola bar with them, so they had to keep ducking their heads so she wouldn't rub slobbery granola on their noses!

Then it was on to pixie hollow to meet Tink

Tink was not nearly as exciting as the giant squirrels.

Daddy making the fairy fly!

The next day, I left Jarom in charge of Mia and Jase while Jacob and I went on Twilight Zone.  This is what we found when we returned:

Time to go HOME!!!!


DJ and Heather McDonald said...

I can't believe she's 2!! And what an adorable fairy she makes!

Dayna Jamison said...

Hey! that looks like the same Tinker Bell we met back in february1 How funny! Happy Birthday cute little Mia!